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Disease Programs Move the Needle Year After Year

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Start CHAP’s Disease Program Certification to grow referrals and improve clinical outcomes

In today’s world, organizations are constantly leaping over never-ending hurdles to provide quality care to patients. Taking into consideration the ever-growing challenges we are facing today, such as changes in referral patterns, employee retention, maintaining continuity of care, training, competency, etc. can all lead to a plateau in growth.

A CHAP Certified Disease Program helps your organization incorporate board-approved, standardized clinical evidence-based guidelines (Clinical Practice Guidelines) throughout the organization and performance improvement processes. Certification may assist in improving outcomes and decreasing the number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to disease-specific diagnoses.






The certification is designed to help organizations create solutions to problems. Having a consistent, well-executed framework of care can lead to reduced hospital re-admissions, higher patient satisfaction, and increased public quality ratings- CAHPS, HIS, stars, etc. All this leads to new opportunities to increase your organization’s census and growth, while simultaneously reducing employee turnover and increasing engagement. With high employee retention, less time is dedicated to finding and training new staff, and the clinician scheduling experience is solved.

Over time, the day-to-day demands providers face make it challenging to maintain the sophistication of an excellent disease program. The initial intent and success can get lost.

CHAP’s standards provide the support and structure needed to ensure the quality of the program is maintained and well-executed. Written and reviewed by CHAP’s panel of physician specialists and industry experts, we provide you with our standards using best practices.

We validate:

  • Appropriate assessments are in place for the specific disease area
  • Policies and procedures are in place to support the specialized patient care you provide
  • Staff training & training coordination
  • Standards are present in the framework of the program

With annual certification renewals, you maintain and verify consistency and continued excellence. You build and strengthen the organization’s credibility. Physicians trust a framework – certify your disease program and display the badge on your marketing material.  Any agency can say they have a disease program, your organization can stand out to referral sources with increased credibility.

Generating one referral from CHAP’s disease program certification pays for itself.

Start the certification process and review the standards.
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